grey2Hey! My name is J.J. Allen. I’m a pretty dope guy if I may say so myself. I write. I think. I love. I clown. I grow. I’m like an Oprah meets T.D. Jakes, meets DR. Phil meets Iyanla Vanzant all with a swig of Kayne West. A lot of meeting going on in this head of mine. I have an amazing 7 year old son. He’s irking but he’s my guy.  I’m a millennial, and that pretty much says it all. I see life as a journey. No two roads the same. My journey is filled with dumb mistakes, painful experiences, and some pretty memorable lessons. I’ve grown a lot, but I’m also growing. As a kid, I felt the need to mirror perfection, but I’m learning to embrace the guy that fails every so often. I do twenty-ish things and make no apologies for it. I’m no expert, I have no great wisdom. I’m just a weirdo on a journey called life. No matter what comes my way, I’m determined to keep at this journey thing. No degrees, no great training, but my heart keeps beating and I keep growing. And it’s from that perspective that I share. Ugly becomes beautiful again, but you gotta’ tell it…so others will believe and hope forward.