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Sandcastles and Rain

Hey guys…and gals!! Yo! Been a busy week or so. I have to be better consistent in checking in. Thanks for the feedback, comment, and shares on the last post. Your public support means more than you know. Good job!! Meanwhile, I have a few random little thoughts I’d like to share. Comment. Share. Leave some feedback. Like. Hate. Whatever. Just say something!! lol


Meanwhile…I have nothing bad to say. I have no enemies to fight. I hate no one. I love everyone. I mean…I have a few people I don’t mess with…but nevertheless, we all good. Life has a way of bringing balance if you let it. Storms are dramatic. Their nature is often filled with turbulence, chaotic moments, strong winds, and such. Energy and emotions are high, and they can get a bit frantic. But even after the storm, there’s a erie calm. A few things may be disbursed, things may be a little scattered, but nonetheless….you assess, rebuild, and keep going.

Life is filled with storms. Some things you can predict, and some…they’re just unpredictable. Okay. Cool. Rebuild. The sun comes out again. You Laugh. Remember the joy of a Summer afternoon at the beach. The laughs, the picnics, and the swimming. The rain did what it did, so that the sun can do what it’s suppose to. That’s life. Embrace it and don’t fight it….but don’t stay stuck either. You shouldn’t always have rainy moments. Don’t live your life in a storm. GOOD VIBES ONLY.

Manage and steward your emotions well this year. Don’t make storms out of clouds. I’m learning how to just chill out over certain things. Once upon a time I would get irate, offended, and emotional about certain issues. Petty by nature, and a jerk by trade, it’s easy to become a jerk-tard about certain things I feel jaded by. But I’m entering into a new stage of sobriety. I will not bring rain to the sandbox.

SMILE. Enjoy the sun. Go to the beach…build a castle.

I’m building my sandcastle…even if I have to build it alone. Nothing will knock it down. No waves or storms will wash it away. I won’t sabotage my building by giving another the power to kick it over. I’ll enjoy my time at the beach, and then go home. And when the next storm comes, I’ll find some time to dance in it. I’ll smile anyway. I’m in a pretty positive place. Enjoying my world and those that want to be in it.

-building sandcastles.

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Summer Rain…

It’s hot. No…I mean like really, it’s hootttt. To a winter/fall fella like me, the heat seems almost unbearable. I like cool crisp air, and yet these 98 and 101 tempts have ME almost crisp and toasted. I sweat, I’m moody I don’t like to be bothered much, but overall I’m still a chill (cool) dude. Summer days keeps me eh..in a unique place. I’m cordial, I’m busy, and I’m constantly hot. In the house, the sound of the fan or air makes me to remember that out of the confines of the space I’m in…I’ll feel the effects of what I’m trying to escape. Pool parties, cook outs, all sorts of events take place. But being a natural introvert and even more of a grouch…I tend to say, “NO…I’m hot!”

I think back to being a kid. I loved the perks of Summer but hated the heat. Much like life, discomfort can bring some pretty damning moments, but an overall dope outcome. As a kid, I was never in the house. Be it I was hanging with my sister and her friends, my cousins, or running to the church house…I was never home. I think about the times the kids in the neighbor would be outdoors playing. We would be hot, sweating, not having a care in the world…other than the heat that is.

Growing up in the hood of Jersey, someone would find a way to cause the fire hydrant to open up, and we’d enjoy the water. Nothing would beat being out in the sun all day, hot sweaty, playing…and a short rain shower would come. It would seem as if the hotter is was, the more prone the rain was to follow sometime that day.

I thought about that today. You know in life, so many things can come our way, so many things to be agitated and frustrated about. Often times we fail to see the beauty and possibilities of what can be because of what is. YEAH…IT’S HOT…it’s suppose to be. But the rain is coming. So you’ve been hurt. Okay….people play games. We got it, you can be bad all by yourself. All that stuff is cute. Facebook and IG memes may get you some likes, but it’ll keep that status single on Facebook and you bitter. Never become so consumed by the heat that you miss the moments. Life gives us moments. Times for everything we will get to enjoy.

You’ll cry, but you’ll laugh again. You’ll hurt, but you will love and be loved again. Let life be beautiful. The joy about summer rain is that rarely it last for hours. Most times, it’s just for a few moments. But those short moments…tends to be such a relief from the present.

Smile during dark days. Laugh at silly jokes. Do it because you don’t want to. Pain never feels good, but your sanity will thank you for it in the long run. Enjoy the rain.

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