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Hey!! I’m back. I know. I know. It’s unstable. It’s sporadic. I need to do better. SOOOOO much better. I got it…now you see why my relationships screw up. NO COMMITMENT. lol iJoke. iKid. But I just want to say thanks to you guys/gals that check on my page every week, hit me up, and support this writing. It means something to this little black face fella.

Ummm….so much has happened, so much has changed. I can write super “juicy” content, I can spill my life on screen and take down things of my past along with me. I can throw shots, be petty, and just talk about all sorts of things. But that’s just not me anymore. I’ve been inspired to grow. In my time away, I’ve been busy a bit. I’ve had a few bumps along the way, but all in all…I’m still moving. Thing about moving is, at times, you don’t get a chance to sit back and think. THINKING. Ah, I’ve reflected on a few things. I want to share my latest process. Tell me what you think. COMMENT. share. It’ll make me feel dope. Ha.

One of the greatest struggles I’ve had to deal with wasn’t so much with people. It wasn’t even with the pain of what I believe they caused. In my time of growing, I realized, a lot of what was a cycle for me was because of my inability to release people from roles they weren’t designed to fill. Pain caused disbelief, and disbelief often made me inflict self torture by repeating the same cycle hoping other’s would pass the test.

Truth is…I’ve had problems separating miracles from reality. Much like a superhero, that comes to save the day, I looked for Superman to be Superman even when they had no cape. I was determined that people had to love me, help me, be there because of great rescues of the past. And one day, it hit me. Like really…I had an aha moment, sipping my pink lemonade that had a sligggght chill to it. I can love Superman without having to befriend Clark Kent. Kent lived a different life, in a different world, with different foes, friends, and loves. That never negated the fact that when needed to be, that cape came out, and he’d save the day.

ANNNY OF THIS MAKING SENSE? I sure hope so. What a way to return and fail…sheesh. Must be a little rusty. But yea man…yea…girl? Whoever you are reading this. My point is simple…be cool with superman. Be cool in knowing that if you need ’em, you can call them, and you know they’ll always have your back. That’s dope. But with that, know that if you haven’t been given access beyond the cape, you probably won’t. Make peace with that too.

Don’t overcomplicate things.

Don’t over-think.



And allow people to evolve. Roles change. Be okay with that. I’m in a phase where I love EVERYBODY and I want us all to smile. Be honest. Admit how you feel. You loved the moments and you loved the rescue…that doesn’t change and you’re not bad for feeling that way. Loving Superman isn’t wrong, but hating Clark Kent is. Learn to appreciate lasting bonds that live past the termination of a season.


that’s all i got. (yes….GOT)

I’ll bring my mojo back next week.


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